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EZ Square payment processing

Quick and easy Square™ payments.
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CS-cart edition and number of storefronts

This product is electronically distributed.

Note: this addon is no longer available for Sale.  Square has deprecated the API that this addon uses and there is no Squarepay available that uses their new API.  Much of the functionality supported by this addon is no longer able to be used with the new Square API.  If you have issue with this, please contact Square customer support.

Square™ ( is one of the most popular card-present payment methods around.

Now you can use Square™ to process your cs-cart purchases.  This addon is a full implementation of the Square™ e-commerce solution.  The following features are implemented:

  1.  CAPTURE or AUTHORIZE payments.
  2. Immediately VOID or CAPTURE an authorized payment or REFUND (partial or full amount) a captured payment directly from the order.details page in your admin area.
  3. Logged in users card data is stored at Square™ so it can be quickly used the next time they order without re-entering card data.
  4. Stored cards can be deleted by the users during checkout.
  5. Fully supports Square™ locations so you can separate your customers/payment between your online store and your brick and mortar store while using one Square™ account.
  6. You can specify what order status to set for AUTHORIZE, CAPTURE, VOID and REFUND operations so it's easy to manage your orders.
  7. You can Authorize, capture, void and refund "extra transactions", all from the orders.details screen.  So if shipping changes you can add the extra amount directly from the orders.details page.

To get started, simply create an account at  Then capture the following data to use for the payment method setup

  • Application ID
  • Location Nickname
  • Access token

The rest is normal cs-cart payment method setup.