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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I see that the xyz addon version 1.2.3 is installed every time I login??

This situation almost always indicates some type of ownership/permission problem on your site. Most commonly it means that the ownership of your files is not the same as the user that the PHP process runs as for your store. You need to work with your hosting company to ensure that the cart software can create/modify files within your store. This could be due to ownership or permission issues. We try to detect this situation and notify you but we cannot always do so.

A new version of our addon was retrieved from our server because your current version is out of date. It tries to extract the files from the new version but unfortunately, there is no way for us to determine that the extraction did not replace your files. The version is not updated and so the next time you login to your admin panel, the process is repeated.

Your site will run better, your logins will be faster and your future cart upgrades will go smoother if you get the ownership/permission issues resolved. It will also lighten the load on our servers since we won't be sending you the same archive over and over again.

I don't seem to be receiving updates, what can I do?

If upgrades are not installing, there are several steps to check

  1. Make sure the EZ Common Addon Tools addon is installed on your system. This addon is automatically installed when you first save the settings for any addon that we provide. It has common tools that are shared among our addons and is what's responsible for updates, etc.
  2. If EZ Common Tools is not installed, please retrieve it from (for V2 and V3) or (for V4) and install it on your site by extracting it in the root of your store and then clicking the install link on your Administration/Add-ons page.
  3. You should then be able to execute the following URL which will provide version information. Replace with the name of the particular addon which is that name of the directory within the addons directory where the addon was installed. Eg. the XML Data Feeds addon is named obj_feed. The url to execute is: ?dispatch=.version
  4. You can force the installation of the current version if the above are functioning by executing the URL ?dispatch=.upgrade.force

If you continue to experience problems, then you probably have ownership/permissions issues on your site. Contact your host and tell them that you need the file ownerships and permissions appropriate to allow the cs-cart application to create/modify/delete files within the document root of your site.

What is the refund policy?

If within a reasonable amount of time following your purchase (I.e. 30 days) you are not completely satisfied, we will be happy to refund your purchase price upon you removing the software from your system.

Can you explain your licensing?

Our addon products are licensed for a single domain only. Additional licenses can be purchased for additional domains. When an admin logs into your cs-cart, a check of the license key against the hostname of the system is performed. If the check fails, the addon will be automatically disabled.

It is a violation of our licensing agreement to disable the license checking capability. We do NOT encrypt or encode any source so we rely upon your honesty to ensure the license checking capability is maintained. It takes about 200 milliseconds (2/10th's of a second) to check the license so the penalty for admin login is very low.

How do I install an addon?

Simply extract the archive you downloaded into the root of your store. Then go to the Administration/Add-ons page and click 'install'. Then click 'edit' and enter your license key and configure the addon settings to your liking.

When you click 'save' after editing the addon settings, a check will be performed to see if your site has the EZ Common Addon Tools installed. If not, it will fetch the common tools and install them automatically.

Note: If the EZ Common Addon Tools is not installed on your system, you have permissions or ownership problems with your site. Contact your host and ask them to ensure that the PHP process running in your store can create and modify files within your store.

How are updates and bug fixes delivered?

New versions of our addons are installed automatically. The frequency of checking/updating versions can be controlled within the addon settings. We strongly recommend you have the frequency set to "daily" so we can ensure you get bug fixes in a timely manner.

You will know that an addon has been updated by a green notification (sticky - does not go away till closed) indicating a link to the changelog that will tell you what changed in the addon. If you want to force the version/update check for an addon you can simply execute the following URL substituting your domain/admin_name.php for <your_domain_admin.php> and the name of the addon (like auto_mail) for <addon_name>:

How do I report problems or get help?

The best way to get help from us is to use our ticketing system. You can send email to Our Helpdesk or you can go directly to the ticket site via this link. You can post screen shots or other information as attachments in our ticket system that might help us narrow down your problem.

What makes you different?

EZ Merchant Solutions has been in business for the last 10 years serving e-commerce merchants with B2B (Business to Business) solutions and shopping cart solutions. Prior to that, we have 25 years of experience (professional software development since 1981) developing a variety of software solutions for various commercial enterprises. In addition, Tony was an Executive Vice President of Next Generation Development for a Fortune 500 company managing large scale, multi-site software development projects for the automotive industry.

EZ Merchant Solutions (EZms) provides quality solutions to our clients. We originally developed an order and inventory management system (EZ Order Manager) to interface between a variety of shopping carts and various payment processors and shipping providers (including several methods for drop-shipping).

We came upon cs-cart when our customers were asking for hosted, fully integrated solutions with our back-end order management system. Since then, we have shifted our focus from our back-end system and moved more into consulting and providing B2B solutions for cs-cart merchants.

We pride ourselves on delivering quality products, complete with documentation. We find that unlike many of our competitors, we rarely have to re-release one of our products due to a change in cs-cart. There have been a few, but not many. This tells us that we understand cs-cart architecture and are well positioned to ensure that work done for our clients does not have to be revisited each time a cs-cart upgrade comes out.

We try to keep it pretty simple. If you're not happy, we either make you happy or refund your money for our addon purchases. We cannot refund for consulting services since this is compensating us for our time and materials. But your satisfaction is important to us.

Simply compare and you will discover we are the right choice for your B2B development needs.