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Cost Based Pricing

Generate prices basd on cost
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CS-cart edition and number of storefronts

This product is electronically distributed.

Many businesses base their pricing models on cost (versus price). By default, cs-cart does not account for cost and can neither set pricing based on cost nor can it identify order profit.
This addon allows you several key features:
  1. Set product cost via the Admin UI or via CSV import
  2. Set product retail pricing (usergrup_id = 0) via CSV import
  3. Set product retail pricing and usergroup pricing via CSV import
  4. Set product pricing for all items in a category that have a product cost from CSV import.
  5. Show item cost/profit on admin orders.detail screen.for items with cost
  6. Show total order cost/profit on admin orders.detail screen for all items in the order that have a cost established.
All data in CSV’s are assumed to be incremental additions to cost. I.e. the following types of ‘values’ are allowed for the various columns in the csv.
  • Any decimal number (123 or 123.99) can be used as an absolute value.
  • Any decimal number followed by a percent sign (%) will apply that percentage to the cost. I.e. 20.25% for an item with a cost of 10.00 would have a price for this column calculated to $12.25.
  • Negative values can theoretically be used but who wants to sell below cost?

Cost Based Pricing Documenation (cost_basis.pdf, 52 Kb) [Download]