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EZ Variable Commissions

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Note: this addon is deprecated.  Please use: EZ Vendor Plans Plus addon for MVE instead.


As an MVE store owner, flexibility is your key to success. Do you have a need to track vendor commissions based on category or specific products?

For example, a vendor’s vendor plan has them at a commission rate of 50%. But for products in the Digital category, you only want to pay 40%. Or a particular piece of artwork is to be commissioned at 70% while all others in the category utilize the standard vendor plan commission?  These are just some of the possibilities with the EZ Variable Commissions addon.

This flexibility is not just for vendors, but can be used for suppliers or simply for affiliates (like artists) you define as affiliates.

The default is to update the Vendor Plan payout information with the newly calculated commissions. However this can be turned off in an addon setting.

The addon provides full accounting/visibility of all commissions earned by product or category as well as what has been earned/paid to the affiliates.

Upon install, all vendors are imported to become affiliates. Vendors can be re-imported at any time. Existing vendors in the affiliates table are skipped. Hence an import of vendors will only create new vendors.

If this flexibility sounds like something you need, then this addon is for you. You can now easily setup and manage variable commissions on sales.


• Setup commissions on individual products

• Setup commissions for all products within a category (or products within sub-categories)

• Optionally setup/enable a default commission to be used when no other commissions apply (non-vendor affiliates only).

o By default, vendor default commissions are set based on their Vendor Plan they are associated with.

• Import new Vendors/Suppliers into affiliates

• Report on products/categories that are using commissions.

• Report on sales filtered by a variety of search criteria.

• Mark transactions paid for the prior month to make current reporting more manageable.

• Specify that a commission within a category be applied to the underlying vendor/supplier of that product.

o Each supplier has an optional field to specify the default commission

• Precedence of commissions are:

o Product specific affiliate/commission

o Category specific affiliate/commission

o Supplier/Vendor default commission for products in Category designated as affiliate if Supplier or Vendor

o A default affiliate and commission as defined on the Commission products page (non-vendor affiliates only)

Variable Commissions Documentation (variable_commissions.pdf, 164 Kb) [Download]