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Payment Capture

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This product is electronically distributed.

V3 Compatible

V4 (Pro, Ultimate and MVE) Compatible

This addon allows you to CAPTURE a PRIOR_AUTHorized payment when the order status is changed to a defined status.

Currently, is the only payment provider supported. Others could be supported but would require additional funding to investigate the amount of work required. Other methods would have to support AUTH_ONLY type of transactions.

If you use Authorize only as the Transaction type in your configure settings for your Payment method. Then when you change the order status to the defined status, an PRIOR_AUTH_CAPTURE is performed.

Results are stored with the order and can be viewed on the order detail page. Note that it may require a page refresh for the new information to appear in the order. A green notification message box is displayed with the text response from the provider at the time of the transaction. If an error was encountered, it is also displayed.

Partial payments and refunds are supported as of release 2.2.5

This addon is only operational when in the ADMIN area since it makes no sense to update it from the storefront.

Payment Capture Documenation (pay_capture.pdf, 111 Kb) [Download]