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EZ Vendor Plans Plus

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CS-cart edition and number of storefronts

This product is electronically distributed.

No longer supported for cs-cart 4.10 or above.

New Features! 

We've added some exciting new features. You can now extend the commission capabilities by using the Allocations Extensions.  You can assign a service or fee to either the Vendor or Merchant. 

 If you assign it to the Vendor, you can assign it an optional commission (which can be different then the plan commission). 

 If assigned to the merchant, 100% of the service or fee will be applied to the Merchant Commission. 

 Currently the supported services/fees that can be allocated are: 

  • Shipping  
  • Shipping freight (serrvice fee on top of shipping) 
  • Payment fee 
  • Taxes


This addon extends the cs-cart vendor_plans addon by providing 2 new tabs to each plan.  The first tab let you set commissions on categories and to set additional commissions based on product price within those categories.  Additionally you can set up a service fee for any of those commissioned items.  The second tab lets you set bonuses for vendors for achieving certain sales goals.  Currently bonuses are offered for new customers, and exceeding a revenue target.


• Setup commissions on individual categories

    - Add different commission for price ranges of products in those categories

    - Add service fees to those category products

• Add bonuses for sales incentives

    - New customers

    - Exceeding revenue targets

• Vendor accounting shows the computed commission rate for the order and also shows specific commissions for products in the order

EZ Vendor Plans Plus Documentation (ez_vp_plus.pdf, 119 Kb) [Download]