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EZ TaxJar Integration

Tax collection/reporting integration

CS-cart edition and number of storefronts

This product is electronically distributed.

EZ Tax Jar Integration works with all countries supported by TaxJar.  (see to see if your country is supported.

To our knowledge, this is the only complete TaxJar integration available for cs-cart supporting multiple tax situations as well as supporting reporting back to taxjar for the api key in use.

This  addon is specifically geared toward American and Canadian merchants who may encounter  multiple taxing jurisdictions and want to display/manage taxes by jurisdiction, or simply want more control over tax determination and display within cs-cart. 

Drop Ship Suppliers in cs-cart are also fully supported based on the supplier’s origin for computing taxes.  This can be disabled via an addon setting if you want to use Company/Vendor origin or TaxJar NEXUS instead.

The addon supports using a single TaxJar API key for the merchant or for MVE or ULTIMATE environments, Vendors/Companies can have their own TaxJar API key so their TaxJar accounts are updated with the appropriate tax collection information.

EZ TaxJar and EZ Tax Reporring

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Combine and save for automated tax calculations and easy to digest tax reporting.

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EZ TaxJar Documentation (eztj.pdf, 29 Kb) [Download]