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EZ Checkout Charities

Show that you care.  Donate to charities.

List price: $99.99
You save: $50.00 (50%)
CS-cart edition and number of storefronts

This product is electronically distributed.

No longer supported for cs-cart 4.10 or above.


Enable your customers to donate to charities of your choice.  

During checkout, customers can select from a list of charities you provide and can either round-up to the nearest whole amount, select from one of a set of pre-defined amounts or enter a different amount that they choose.

Managing charities is easy.  You simply enter some basic information and the new charity is added to the list of available charities.  The ‘position” determines the order in which charities are displayed in the select box (lowest first).

Each charity is tracked separately and you can periodically pay them and mark those tracking items as “paid”.

Our other EZ Charities addon differs from this one.  In that addon, you determine how much from each order will be donated to the charity and the user can select from a list of charities.  In the EZ Checkout Charities addon, the customer pays the amount to be donated.


  • Customer chooses the amount and pays for the donation
  • Full accounting of commission earned, payouts and total paid by charity.
  • Detailed order tracking for charity contributions.  For Multi-Vendor stores, the donation amount is split across all vendor order invoices.
  • Payment accounting to track payments made to charities and charity earnings.
  • Output tracking and payment data to csv.
  • Generous search capabilities to drill-down on tracking data.

EZ Checkout Charities Documentation (coch.pdf, 196 Kb) [Download]